Gregory Sowles

Dr. Gregory Sowles

PhD, HSPP, LMHC, Clinical / Neuropsychologist Vision Counseling and Psychological Services PC, DBA CornerstoneVision Counseling and Psychological Services

The 35 years of marriage, to my patient wife, has helped me continue to grow and further develop my counseling skills. This growth has helped me to offer marital intensive’s as the area I now find invaluable in helping others bring healing and vitality into their marriage, as well. I have the privilege of being a husband, and a father of four, so I find my life full of opportunities to continue developing relationally. Further interests in agriculture, hunting, fishing, politics and theology seem to fit well with the last 30 years of serving others that started as a camp counselor. Integrating faith with professional practice typifies my daily service style so that the whole person is served. Similarly, being trained in the field of Neuropsychology, that integrates the fields of psychology and neurology, daily helps me with understanding the ‘brain-body’ relationship – a relationship that requires constant balancing. I get energized by helping others find this balance through helping them ‘sculpt their brain…body’ relationships so they can then better shape their life.

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