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A goal-centered approach to better mental, physical, and spiritual health.

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It’s okay to be honest

Being human means enduring the twists and turns of life.

We live in a world where marriages and families get shaken, and behaviors run wild. All too soon, things like fear and doubt start to knock on the door, and we can even start to feel numb.

Thriving instead of surviving.

When you are experiencing the unexpected or searching for peace, we are here to walk alongside you in your journey and help you develop new practices and skills that move you closer to healing and growth.

Our Services

Couples & Marriage

Anxiety & Depression

Overcoming Addiction

Christian Counseling

Family & Children

Trauma Care

Psychological Testing

New to Counseling?

Get a Clear Picture

Prior to your first visit, we’ll send you some forms that will give us a clear picture of what you are walking through.

Meet + Discuss

When you come to our office, we will talk through the answers together as we get to know you.

Plan Around Your Goals

Finally, we will collaboratively create a plan centered around your goals to in order to move forward.

Our Core Values

Judgement-free environment

We want to create a safe and confidential place where you can speak freely and just breathe.

Holistic approach

We account for and address all aspects of you as a person when it comes to your overall health.

Customized treatment

Everything we do is centered around empowering you to get to the place you want to be.

Every person has value

You are not the problem, you are a person. Here, you are heard and understood.

Our Team

During life’s difficulties, you can count on our licensed and certified staff to walk with you.

Dr. Gregory Sowles

Dr. Robert P. Heck

Lisa A. Heck

Victoria Lightcap

Bonnie Kiser

Mary Lisa Barta

Andrew Ott

Lisa Heller

Taryn Pulver

Amy Dunn

Dave Kiningham

Mandy Lengerich

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