Elizabeth Fomley

Elizabeth Fomley

MA Mental Health Counselor

Elizabeth Fomley, a graduate of Huntington University is pursuing her LMHC licensing. She works with a wide range of populations and has a passion for strengthening families and facilitating better communication and interaction. She also enjoys working with the elderly, as she appreciates their essential value to the younger generations. Elizabeth is a woman of long spiritual faith and is very comfortable conversing on Biblical principles. Her Bible and ministry backgrounds enable her to be open to faith integration in therapy as the client so chooses. Elizabeth looks forward to meeting and joining you in your journey of healing and growth.

Elizabeth Fomley, a Huntington University graduate, holds an MA in mental health counseling. Currently pursuing her LMHC licensing, she sees a wide range of populations. As a wife and mother of almost 25 years she has a heart for women and the burdens they may carry. She understands the demands and the ups and downs of these roles, as well as, believes woman to be a key partner of a healthy family. She enjoys helping women work through personal and marital issues including such struggles as depression. Elizabeth often integrates Cognitive Behavioral and Gestalt therapeutic strategies, as well as some family systems interventions.

Elizabeth has long (35 year) history for integrating her spirituality into her life, and she has an undergraduate degree in Ministry and a minor in Bible. Thus, she is naturally comfortable with faith integration and Biblical counseling. Before entering the counseling field she was a director of children’s ministry. She has had training in learning styles by well known national author, Cynthia Tobias. Elizabeth’s understanding of child development and parenting issues lends well to her counseling services to couples and families. In addition, Elizabeth has experience in working with the elderly. She has done reminiscent therapy at an assisted living home in the area and she appreciates how our elders are invaluable for offering wisdom to younger generations.

She specializes in a variety of areas including: oppositional teens and children, substance abuse and other addictions, leadership coaching, personality disorders, relational need development, long-term depression, anxiety/panic disorders, trauma, and existential meaning.

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