Dr. Robert W. Miner, MD

Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School, 1971

Dr MinerDr. Miner’s background includes integrative/psychiatric-medical services for a diverse population of youth, adult and elderly patients. These include persons with post-traumatic stress disorders, bipolar disorders, traumatic brain injuries, geriatric issues, developmental disabilities, and addictions. Dr. Miner’s formal training includes The University of Michigan Medical School, graduating class of 1971, and Psychiatry/Neurology Residency at Wayne State University.

Dr. Miner is Board-Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 1979, and has maintained Continuing Medical Education studies to the present date. Dr. Miner has demonstrated the ability to provide quality patient care, with zero malpractice claims ever filed or defended. He has been married to his wife Betty L. Miner for 44 years, and they are parents of 2 adult children and 5 grandchildren.

Services offered, on a part-time basis through CornerstoneVision Counseling, which include medical-psychiatric evaluations and follow-up care. Dr. Miner offers brief spiritual counseling from a compassionate, evangelical Christian viewpoint. Dr. Miner participates in a multi-disciplinary team approach. Care is coordinated with the patient’s therapist, often chosen from the group of therapists he has come to work with at CornerstoneVision. Other services offered by Dr. Miner include medical training for students, Nurse-Practitioners and Psychiatric Assistants, professional lectures, presentations and genetic assessments centered on finding patients best medication/RX match.

The practice of psychiatric medicine is experiencing a growing consumer demand for Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies, integrated with traditional medical care. The new term, of course, is Integrative Medicine. Dr. Miner has achieved positive results in many patients through the integration of nutritional and complementary treatments, along with traditional psychiatric medications as needed. These treatments may include the practice of Essential Oils/Aromatherapy. Such Integrative Care can often improve patient outcomes while lowering the risks, and sometimes the costs, of treatment.

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